Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Alright, so I know at least some people have seen the paypal button on the side there. Well there is a good legitimate reason for it. The ball python that I am going for is a Pastel ball, which cost around $150. I have that much, but I also have to buy the tank, the hemostat, the hide box, the mice to breed and feed it, the heating pad, the basking rock, and much more. So, I have proposed this. I will make a contest for this. At the end of next month, there will be a winner, and said person will win something. My thoughts were maybe a Steam game, and the top price that the prize will be is going to be $35 dollars. Or they can choose something else of their liking, but it has to be >$35.

The rules are simple: To be eligible, you have to donate $1 to my paypal OR you can refer 3 people to my blog. If you choose paypal, just tell me your username on blogger when you checkout on paypal. If you decide to refer the users, then you need to tell them to leave a comment on this post, saying who it was who referred them to it. You can do either of these, or you can do both. For every dollar you put into my account, or for every three people you refer to my page, you increase your chances of winning.

For example, say I donate $2 and refer 9 people. My name will be in the drawing 5 times, instead of 1 time for someone who only donated $1. Simple enough. No matter how much or how little attention this receives, someone WILL win the $35 prize. Fair?

And so you will never know who is ahead, as soon as someone comments that someone referred them to my blog I will write down said person's name and delete the comment, that way no one can tell who has the better chance.

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